Summer of Respect is a summer-long anti-sexual violence campaign, designed and run by WCHM and the Canberra Rape Crises Centre. The campaign begins in late October and continues until International Women’s Day on March 8. Summer of Respect is an opportunity—unique to and within the ACT—to deliver innovative anti-sexual violence initiatives.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have a page dedicated to helping inform employees what sexual harassment is and how to make a formal complaint.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have information and resources for employers. The page details what discrimination and harassment is, what responsibilities an employer has, and how to write an effective sexual harassment policy.

“Who are you?” is a video created by The Line. This video shows scenarios where people could step in and prevent sexual violence on a night out. Trigger Warning: This video shows a fictional scenario leading up to a rape, and may be distressing for viewers.

Everyone has a right to feel respected, valued and safe. This article discusses why standing up to sexist behaviour is so important and gives 5 practical suggestion to stepping up against it.

How do you spread the word and help your mates escape the exhausting (and completely unnecessary) ‘battle of the sexes’ without looking like a caped crusader? Here are a few ideas to help rally the peeps…

If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea.

The Australian Government’s website made to support all Australians who have experienced image-based abuse, by providing reporting options, support and resources for victims, their family and friends, and bystanders.

Working with workplaces : challenges and opportunities for workplace violence prevention and bystander programs

This paper explores some of the challenges and opportunities in workplace-based programs for the primary prevention of violence against women – including bystander programs – based on findings from program evaluation.